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Pre-Appointment Preparation

For the best results, please read through and follow the pre-appointment preparation advice listed below.


Freckle tattoo preparation

If you have regular skin maintenance, please ensure it is booked a week before or 2 weeks after your tattoo appointment.

You do not need to remove any hair prior to your appointment.

Ensure any injectables around the area have settled 2 weeks prior to your appointment, or scheduled for 1 week after.

You do not need to wear makeup to your appointment, it will be removed prior to tattooing. If you would like to show how you do your makeup, please bring along a photo.

Image by Gabriel Silvério

One week prior to your appointment

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Drink plenty of fluids and use daily moisturiser to ensure your skin is in great condition for tattooing.

Exfoliate your skin 2-3 days out from your appointment.

We cannot tattoo really dry, chapped, sunburnt or peeling skin.

Stop taking any non-prescription blood thinners, including fish oil.

Stop taking any anti-histamines.

Organise numbing cream if applicable.

Get together your favourite colours, reference pictures or ideas on what your tattoo goals are.

Freckled Skin

2 days prior & day of your appointment

Ensure you are in good health, free from alcohol & non-prescription drugs.

Have a good nights sleep.

Ensure you have eaten a meal before your appointment.

Wear something comfortable - don't wear your good clothes, tattooing can be messy and ink can stain.

The studio is always on the coolers side, if you feel the cold, please feel free to bring a jumper or rug.

Pack a drink and bring a snack to your appointment.

Get excited!

All recommended preparation is advice only. Please contact your health practitioner prior to starting, stopping or changing any medications.

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