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The Full Story

Taupe Studio



To provide unparalleled, professional, safe & personalised service with real results.

We're committed to helping you look and feel your personal best in our comfortable & private studio.

The Story

Born from Nat's love of beauty & tattoos, Inkedbynat was founded in 2014.

With drive and passion for the industry, pushing the boundaries well before her time, allowing her to bloom into one of the best Cosmetic & Medical Tattoo Artists in Australia.

Her compassion & empathetic nature ensured she progressed and exceeded every clients expectations. 

After 8 years in a shared artistic space, it was clear she wasn't slowing down and the demand for her services pushed her to launch her own private studio, born is Taupe Studio.

Permanent makeup

Why Taupe you ask?

Taupe is a colour; a colour of brownish-grey, or greyish-brown.

Similar to beige but cooler in tone while still remaining warm yet neutral.

Having a range from the lightest of lights to the deepest of dark, it is the perfect chameleon of brown customisable to anyone.

When utilising and tattooing in predominately brown for close to a decade, no one knows browns better than Nat.

With Taupe holding symbolisations of relaxation and contentment, it was a no-brainer for Nat to name her studio after the colour that her incredible work emerged from.

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