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Numbing Cream

Due to current legislation, we cannot legally supply anaesthetic and if you would like to use numbing cream for your tattoo, you will need to purchase your anaesthetic prior to your appointment. 
There are multiple numbing creams on the market that are suitable for tattooing, I have listed the top three below:


Numit; this is readily available at most pharmacies and comes in a 10g tube. The price ranges between $8-$20 and has a used by date of 3 years from manufacture.

Please note 10g is a large quantity and you will have left overs - this is good if you are planning multiple cosmetic tattoos or want excess to use at home.

Screenshot 2024-03-13 154012.png
Pharmacy 777

Pharmacy 777 Cosmetic Tattoo Cream; this is available over the counter at the pharmacy below Taupe Studio. It comes in a 5g dispensary, and is enough for both your initial appointment and a follow up appointment, OR two procedural areas. It retails for $19.95 - this is good if you plan to have one area tattooed and don't want any left over, or if you're short on time as its located within the same building complex.

Nats Numbing Cream

Nat’s numbing ointment; this is available as a dispensed item from Margaret River Compounding Pharmacy (inside Priceline, 146 Bussell Highway). It comes in a 5g tub which is more than enough for both your first and second appointment, OR two procedural areas. The used by date for this is 6 months and retails for $9 - this is good if you plan to have only one area tattooed and don’t want any left over.

Brow numbing is optional. It is highly recommended to use anaesthetics for Lip & Eyeliner tattooing.

Due to the nature of Areola Tattooing, most clients will not need any anaesthetic. If you are unsure, please contact us.

You do NOT need to apply the anaesthetic yourself, please bring your numbing cream to your appointment and application will commence once your consultation has taken place.

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